Art produces ugly things which frequently become beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.
––Jean Cocteau

Year 2010

Dress for Ingrid

Corset dress with black lace and bow on waist

  aasta2010 (1)  aasta2010 (9)

Dress for mother of Ingrid

aasta2010 (2)

Dress for Merili P

Corset tight black dress

aasta2010 (10)

Dress and coat for Kerda

Black dress with metallic long zipper behind

aasta2010 (4) aasta2010 (5)

Black long coat with violet rayon lining inside and metallic buttons

aasta2010 (6) aasta2010 (7) aasta2010 (8)

YEAR 2009

Dress for Ingrid

Violet dress with spangle details

aasta 2009 (1) aasta 2009 (2)

Year 2003

My final graduation work for school (had 15 years)

10 meters of textile for to make a carneval dress

aasta 2003 (2) aasta 2003 (3) aasta 2003 (1)


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